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  • Dream House Armoire
    We've designed the Dream House armoire to create a charming area in your child's room. Inspired by the design of a simple dollhouse, it is multi-functional as a regular cabinet, armoire and a playing area. Painted in white chiffon with a matte finish, it offers two large drawers as well as a big hanger space and shelves. The window-shaped transparent areas are from durable plexiglass with thin, wooden strip details on the outside and the weathered metal knobs give the armoire a classical look. Meticulously hand-crafted to function as a cabinet&armoire in a playful way for your child to enjoy. Also detailed with LED lightings behind the plexi windows that will serve as a night-lamp to give your child a good night's sleep.  
  • Beige Memory Board
    The Beige memory board is the perfect way to organise your photos and notes. It has a weathered and carved outer frame in two colours, -a sherwood tan and french macaroon, combined with a simpler inner frame that compliments and matches the outer frame. The middle part is foam, covered in honey beige, cotton fabric. It is rustic and modern. Dimensions: 60 x 90 cm