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  • Parker Bed / Crib
    With its button-tufted, exquisite sides, rounded line and weathered-grey paint, Parker is a perfect example of great design meets excellent craftmenship. Durable and sturdy, this crib can be matched with other members of Parker family or the colour can be changed in order to suit your needs. With two bed size options, your baby will sleep like a rock. Dimensions : Lenght - 155 cm Width - 80 cm Height - 121 cm Mattress size: 70x140 cm rustik_beyaz gri_ketenbeyaz_ketenpembe_keten
  • PARKER Nightstand
    From the handsome Parker Family, this nightstand is designed to create additional storage to your room. Handcrafted meticulously, Parker is a clean-lined design with details such as its grainy oak material which is distinct in its own individuality and the weathered veneers. With a small drawer and an open space beneath it, it will look perfect next to your bed. Dimensions: Width - 55 cm Depth - 45 cm Height - 66,5 cm rustik_beyaz
  • PARKER Chest of Drawers / Changing Table
    This clean-lined changing table can be revised as a chest of drawers depending on your needs. With its weathered, grey-blue paint and brass knobs, Parker is a handsome storage option with four roomy drawers and an amazing craftsmanship. It can be matched with the other members of Parker family to create a set or the colour can be revised to match your already present furniture. Dimensions: Width - 108 cm Depth - 44,5 cm Height - 87,5 cm rustik_beyaz
  • PARKER Wardrobe
    Parker Wardrobe is an exquisite piece of furniture with weathered-paint details, brass knobs and an excellent craftsmanship. With its classic-style design, it will complement the whole room. You can use it as a bookshelf or a wardrobe, and choose between the options of two, three or four plexi doors; if desired linen fabrics might be wrapped behind the plexiglass. Plus, it can be manufactured in a colour of your choice with cremone bolt option. Measurements: Width - 160 cm Depth - 62,5 cm Height - 200 cm rustik_gri rustik_beyaz rustik_pembe