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  • AUSTEN Crib
    Named after the author Jane Austen because of its romantic line and 18th-century style, our Austen crib is one-of-a-kind. With its rattan body, curved shape, weathered paint and long legs with the additional shelf space at the bottom, the inside of this stunning crib is covered with linen fabric. It is elegant, comfortable and dashing, suitable for both boys and girls. We guarantee that this piece of furniture will become an instant attraction for your guests while keeping your baby safe and cozy. The 2,5 cm thick, foam mattress is sold separately. Dimensions : Lenght - 88 cm Width - 54 cm Height - 122,5 cm -The inner foam is 43 x 72,5 cm- rustik_beyaz rustik_pembe rustik_gri rustik_beyaz_hazeran rustik_pembe_hazeran rustik_gri_hazeran
  • JANE Wardrobe
    This French-style, romantic wardrobe is a result of amazing design as well as an excellent craftsmanship. Its weathered paint and oak coating is completed with brass knobs. It is functional and fashionable, plus it can be revised as a TV stand, a bookshelf or a wardrobe depending on your need. Measurements: Width - 132 cm Depth - 56 cm Height - 222 cm