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  • Chalk Bookcase
    The Chalk bookcase will bring a new meaning to the word storage. With its double-chalkboard cabinet doors, two drawers and an extra open shelf at the bottom, it will create the perfect storage space for your child's sleep, study or play space. While the push-opener on top allows you to open the doors with just a light push, the antique-style bronze handles at the bottom offers a country touch to a classic and simplistic design. Painted vivid white with a matte finish on top, it will create a fun and educational space for your children to play, while providing the room with the perfect storage space as well.  
  • SAVANNAH ‘Black’ Nightstand
    The wood's rich grain is enhanced by multiple layers of hand-applied paint, giving it a tough and durable finish. Emphasised by antique, brass knobs and 20 mm-high brass legs, Savannah can be used as a nightstand or a side table. It is also purchasable in white or gray. Dimensions : Width = 55 cm Depth = 45 cm Height = 55 cm
  • Dream House Armoire
    We've designed the Dream House armoire to create a charming area in your child's room. Inspired by the design of a simple dollhouse, it is multi-functional as a regular cabinet, armoire and a playing area. Painted in white chiffon with a matte finish, it offers two large drawers as well as a big hanger space and shelves. The window-shaped transparent areas are from durable plexiglass with thin, wooden strip details on the outside and the weathered metal knobs give the armoire a classical look. Meticulously hand-crafted to function as a cabinet&armoire in a playful way for your child to enjoy. Also detailed with LED lightings behind the plexi windows that will serve as a night-lamp to give your child a good night's sleep.  
  • Susan Dresser
    Susan dresser is a unique design that resembles a repurposed old luggage, albeit it is modern with great weathered brass knobs and thin, wooden strip details on each drawer. With three big drawers it is a fine storage space as well. It will fit perfectly for both girl and boy rooms. Pair it with Susan bed and the other members of the Susan family. Dimensions: Width - 120 cm Depth - 40 cm Height - 86 cm
  • SAVANNAH Ottoman
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    With its simple form, solid hardwood legs stained with a clear polish and excellent craftsmanship, Savannah Ottoman will look great in your living room. Upholstered in fine cotton fabric, and natural white in colour, Savannah Ottoman will adapt perfectly to its surroundings while also providing a perfect extra seating or a generous footrest. Also check out Savannah rocking chair for the perfect combination.
  • Savannah Rocker
    Designed especially to accommodate nursing mothers, this rocking chair is the exact definition of comfort. With its soft cotton fabric, comfortable head and armrests and side wings for extra head space, this chair will become indispensable especially when it is paired with Savannah Ottoman. Savannah Rocker is also a great reading chair, suitable for everyone with its stunning design.
  • AUSTEN Crib
    Named after the author Jane Austen because of its romantic line and 18th-century style, our Austen crib is one-of-a-kind. With its rattan body, curved shape, weathered paint and long legs with the additional shelf space at the bottom, the inside of this stunning crib is covered with linen fabric. It is elegant, comfortable and dashing, suitable for both boys and girls. We guarantee that this piece of furniture will become an instant attraction for your guests while keeping your baby safe and cozy. The 2,5 cm thick, foam mattress is sold separately. Dimensions : Lenght - 88 cm Width - 54 cm Height - 122,5 cm -The inner foam is 43 x 72,5 cm- rustik_beyaz rustik_pembe rustik_gri rustik_beyaz_hazeran rustik_pembe_hazeran rustik_gri_hazeran
  • EDEN Bed
    Standing on ornate legs, this curved-lined, classic French style bed is for those who prefer quality. With its weathered paint, whitened veneers and rattan back and front, Eden will quickly become one of your all-time-favorite items in the whole house. The bed can be adjusted to two sizes and it can be matched with other members of Eden Family to create a set. Dimensions : Lenght - 155 cm Width - 79 Height -  108 cm Mattress size is 70x140 cm.
  • ZOE Rocking Chair Cradle
    This unique design unites the concepts of a rocking chair to that of a cradle and it does it in style. With its weathered paint, cotton, button-tufted cushions, curved line and veneer details, Zoe is designed for the sole purpose of allowing the parents to be able to read or work while putting their newborns to sleep. Here in 2 Stories, we know how difficult it is to have a newborn in the house and that is why we try to design our pieces of furniture not only for the comfort and safety of the child but also the parent. Zoe is a good example of our concept and with its detailed construction and thorough craftsmanship, it will make you feel the uniqueness not only in design but also in function. Plus, the colour of the furniture and the cushions can be adapted to your needs. the 2,5 cm thick foam mattress is sold separately. Dimensions :  Lenght - 144,5 cm Width - 51,5 cm Height - 45 cm   rustik_beyaz rustik_gri beyaz_keten pembe_keten gri_keten
  • ADELE Bed
    Curved moldings, weathered paint, flourishes and a two size adjustable bed; Adele is a timeless design that is designed to last. Best suited to be matched with Edna Family series, Adele will bring elegance to your nursery. Dimensions: Lenght - 147,5 cm Width - 80 cm Height - 121 cm
  • Parker Bed / Crib
    With its button-tufted, exquisite sides, rounded line and weathered-grey paint, Parker is a perfect example of great design meets excellent craftmenship. Durable and sturdy, this crib can be matched with other members of Parker family or the colour can be changed in order to suit your needs. With two bed size options, your baby will sleep like a rock. Dimensions : Lenght - 155 cm Width - 80 cm Height - 121 cm Mattress size: 70x140 cm rustik_beyaz gri_ketenbeyaz_ketenpembe_keten
  • EDNA Bed / Crib
    Graceful in design and sturdy for your baby's security, Edna crib is adorned with rattan details and a desirable ornate line. Durable and exquisite in both design and building, Edna is a striking crib with two adjustable bed sizes. It can be matched with other members of Edna family to create a set or the colour can be revised to fit perfectly with your already present furniture. Dimensions : Lenght - 155 cm Width - 79 cm Height - 108 cm Mattress size: 70x140 cm